Inversion Therapy: Get Upside-Down Now



Are you suffering form back pain? Is back pain deteriorating your daily routine activities and life? If this is your case then inversion therapy is all what you need.

What Is Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is used to relieve back pain inversion due to spinal steno sis or other spinal conditions, herniated and  degenerative disc. Such complications cause gravitational pressure taking place on the nerve roots which results in throbbing pain in the buttocks, back, feet and legs.  While doing inversion therapy one turns the body upside down to reduce the pressure between nerve roots and the vertebrae. It is also used to increase the space between them. Researchers indicate that it can minimize back pain in short time period specially in case of new back injuries.

Inversion Tables

Inversion tables help in reducing back pain. By using inversion tablesone can place his or her body upside down at a smooth angle and work out gradually to more dramatic positions. From all best inversion tablesin researches it is no surprise that “Ironman Inversion Table” is known as the best inversion tables of all. It’s been a bestselling inversion table for numerous years. Teeter hang ups come at an affordable price and offers excellent quality.

How To Use An Inversion Table

Teeter hang ups have helped numerous people in convenience of their home in order to relieve back pain and it takes just few minutes per day. Following are the steps of using a inversion table:

  1. On a flat surface secure the inversion table

Make sure that every strap, pivot points and joints are connected correctly. In order to avoid a serious accident use this table every time. Before attempting to use this table go through the inversion table manual. It is essential to do all steps correctly as it will support your body weight. In case there are problems when you use this inversion table for the very first time make sure you have a friend with you.

  1. When you use an inversion table wear athletic shoes

When the table locks into place, athletic shoes will provide you an extra strong support. With bare feet never attempt to use the inversion table

  1. With your back toward the table, step into position

One at a time raise your feet onto the steps of the inversion table. To lock the feet in place and pull up the lever lean forward with a straight back.

  1. Over your body place the straps

How you secure your body in place, inversion tables differs. Make sure that all the safety gears are locked in place before attempting to use this table, it may include body strap, ankle bar or other device.

  1. On either side of the table grasp the straps

In order to invert your body you need to push of these straps.

  1. When you start to come up from your inversion for 1 to 2 minutes return to the horizontal position

Doing this will allow the blood flow to adjust. Before getting out and unhooking yourself slowly return to the starting position. More here:


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